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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths STRAIGHT.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Surgery was at about 8:00 am and I was in recovery by 9:05. I was actually in the car getting my prescriptions * by 9:33 am (told you the pain meds were kicking in). Got home and went to the bed and stayed there and propped the leg up. I'm not in a lot of pain, It just hurts where the stitches are. I am able to put weight on it and I don't have to use the walker or crutches...

more to come tomorrow, I just took all my meds and they should be kicking in soon...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Surgery..nerves and a little worried boy!

Well surgery is tomorrow morning, its suppose to start at 7am. I have to be there for 5:30. My little man is so worried about his mom. He keeps asking if I am coming home tomorrow or how long do I have to stay there. I am trying to re assure him that I will be home before he gets home from school. Please say a prayer that I can keep that promise and everything goes along with out a hitch! I am not that nervous, I just worry about my kids, they are not use to other people taking care of them..they want their mommy and their mommy really wants to be the one to take care of them. I am sure I will be up and running in no time pun intended, I'm just not the kind of person to "give up control". I guess you could say I am the "head" of this house, or well my hubby can be the head but I control the neck. He does tease me every know and then and asks me to take the pants off so he can wear them for a little while.
Any way I am hoping to let you all know when I am done and home and settled tomorrow.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and prayers!!! I know I will be just fine, if I had Nathan by c-section on a Monday night and home by Tuesday and fixing dinner by Wednesday and caring for two other kids I'll be just fine!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 3 in Vegas...Grand Canyon Adventure...

We programed "Sweetie" for the west Grand Canyon. Well I shouldn't say we, I should say Wilt!
Wilt said we don't need a map she will get us there. Well it was another one of those days it took us almost 7 hours to get to the Grand Canyon...don't ask but we had fun and made a lot of stops along the way. It was my turn to climb behind the wheel of the Commander. I let the guys sit in the back and relax and enjoy a few drinks. Well "Sweetie" took us the scenic route...yep Route 66, but when she said we arrived at our destination, well it was in the middle of no where. Never let a man program the GPS!!! Susan re programed her to get us to the South Rim. Which took us another hour and a half.

We finally arrived at the Grand Canyon at 3:00, we started our Journey at 8:30 or so that morning and if we Wilt would have programed her right, it would have only taken us about 4 hours of so...depending on how many stops you have to make along the way. I have to say though we had a great time!
Our first stop on the way...
We arrived!

It was breath taking and absolutely beautiful!

We decided to ride to a little town just south west of Flagstaff, called Sedona. It was so much more beautiful than the Grand Canyon and well worth the 45 minute of so ride there! We started out journey at elevation level of 6,000. I would have gotten more pictures of the road signs and all if I had not been the one doing the driving...I have no idea how many mile the road was to get into the town, but it was a twisting and turning road going down the mountain. It had numerous hairpin turns! When we got to the bottom there was a sign that said elevation 5,000 feet. But the views from here were just so unforgettable. We all said we wished we would have had more time there. Unfortunately we got there right when the sun was setting... Arizona is a place I definatly want to go back and visit!!!!

There were red rocks everywhere! We decided we need to grab a bite to eat and settled on this place

We found out that this place was one of the oldest places there and was a place where John Wayne him self frequented! The food was pretty good. We got an appetizer a combination plate. It had fried cactus which I must say was pretty darn tasty, buffalo meat and yucky fried snake...sorry I just couldn't stomach it. I had had buffalo before and it was ok, nothing I would rave about!!
The snake...
The Cactus...

The snake well I tried to bite into it, but it was real gummy and well I just couldn't swallow it!

We finished the night on the quaint little strip and then headed back up the mountain for a 4 hour ride back to Vegas. It wasn't quite 4 hours. It took us shorter to get back because we took mostly interstate home not Route 66!!!

Well that was about it for the day.

I will get to 4 later, first I have to go get dressed for my high school reunion! I can't believe I was talked into this. Some days it seems like just yesterday and others it seems like a life time ago, and I suppose in a way it was...

Friday, September 25, 2009


See Steph, you thought I was making this up! If you could've been a fly on the window you would have peed on yourself from laugh so hard we almost did!!! I am not kidding you my stomach muscles hurt so bad from laughing! But that's when you have the most fun...spontaneous stuff!!!

I promise it says Death Valley National Park and get this Last Chance on it see if it will come up closer. We were suppose to be heading in the total opposite direction. I think that was the most we had laughed the entire trip.

Stefunk just for you I am going to find a copy of these maps for you!!!


day 3 will be coming soon...just busy, busy, busy. This weekend 20th high school reunion. I was talked into going by a friend from high school who I hadn't seen in like almost 20 years and come to find out her husband and my husband work together so we have gotten reacquainted. I have a busy day today to try and round up things and get things settled before Tuesdays surgery. I am dreading surgery! Not the surgery it self but the down time. I am not a person who likes to just sit and truth be told I am more worried about the kids and all their needs...I know I am worrying about nothing because I have the best parents in the world who will help, and my in-laws live just up the road and I know that they will help out with the kids too!
Any way hope to get to it this weekend!
I just had to add baby fell asleep saying prayers.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 2 in Vegas...

Day two in Vegas consisted of a slow moving morning. Ty and I got up and went to eat at Einsteins Bagels for breakfast and the couple we were with, since it was their time share, went to a meeting. We didn't want to go to the meeting, I have no interest in a time share. Anyway after that we decided we would check out the chocolate and M&M's factory. We got directions from some one in the resort. Headed out and drove for about 15 miles or so and decided this was not the right way. I grabbed the map and got us back on course. I am always the co pilot when we go some where. My husband would stay lost if it weren't for me reading the map. Well I guess I shouldn't say that because if he had to he would read it but since I do it for him why bother. That is another thing my dad taught me how to do. My dad is a very smart man he taught me how to be very independent and to not have to rely on a man or any one else for anything!
Any way here are some pictures of the Chocolate factory...
and umm that is not all my boobs in this picture there was white on the sign!!!
A chocolate sculpture.

When we finished loading up on Susan said "we are on vacation, you only live once. You can work it off when you get home and back to the gym!" So with that said we enjoyed lots of chocolate, margarita filled chocolate and my favorite was the pina colada one!
Here is where we made our second mistake of the day. We asked someone for directions to the Hoover dam. We followed their directions...which again, we soon learned that people of Las Vegas DO NOT know their left from their right. If you go there DO NOT ask anyone for directions!!!! We were enjoying the ride cutting up and all till we said we sure have been driving for a while. I didn't think the Hoover dam was that far from Vegas. Well about that time came a sing of Death Valley Junction, California. This was the type of place you could go to hide bodies and no one would ever know!!! We laughed so hard that day that our tummies were hurting. Wilt said to stop at the next Wal-mart or Best Buy he was buying a, "sweetie" as he calls it, a Garmin GPS. Well once we got that sweet thing we NEVER got lost again!!!

We finally made it to the Hoover dam just in time for the last tour, which I think was at 5:15. The tour guide used a lot of dam humor like...hope you all brought you camera and if you did we hope that you take all the dam pictures you want.. and after the tour she said we were the best dam tour group ever!

Here we all are on the overlook of the Hoover Dam.

Ty and I, don't laugh...I have no neck I don't know why??

and Susan and Wilton:
and here are some more pictures of the Hoover Dam as that is pretty much all we had time to do, We stopped and had dinner at one of the casino's out in the middle of no where.
Here is a picture of Lake Mead as we drove to the dam. These pictures just don't do it justice!!!

Underneath the dam....
I know not the best picture of our tour guide...

Looking down...

They are building a bridge over the help with the traffic and a straighter route...

The other side of the dam..

The white is the normal water level for the area...

Went back to the resort..enjoyed the hot tub and some drinks for a little while and enjoyed the deck and the Vegas lights and cool air.

I also had to take pictures of this as they were every where....

Do you know who that is?

The Name of the bar... You guessed it....

We had to just for my sweet Amelia! Yes some of her naming came from Amelia Earhart!!!

More to come tomorrow after pre-op and I promise if I don't get to it tomorrow, trust me I will have a lot of time on my hands for the next few weeks!!! SOOO not looking forward to surgery, but I know it really needs to be done. It is starting to hurt daily!

If there are duplicate pictures please forgive me as it has taken me hours to put these pictures on here. They have made it so much harder, you use to could just click the picture and move it now you have to move it by the html code...ughhh.

Pre op tomorrow morning at 9.