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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths STRAIGHT.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Excuses.....

Ok, I know, I have been missing and I have no excuses, none that are good anyway. We have just been living a "normal" life well as normal as it can be for us. It's been kinda boring here, and I truly mean that in a really good way.

I have been going to the gym every morning and the kids well have been going to school and the hubby is back at work. Not too many doctor appointments, but next month it will be non stop, for Marshall anyway. We are going back tomorrow to see the allergist to see about starting allergy shots. Then he has an endocrinologist appointment with a new doctor to see why he is gaining weight so much so fast!! A little over 30 lbs since Feb. He is up to about 154 lbs, then we have some neuro-psych testing to hopefully help the school and see how he thinks and processes his thinking, to see what kind of damage there may be from both the brain hemorrhage and the stroke during his bone marrow transplant.

I promise I will try to do a better update soon one with pictures. But I will be busy the next few days we have Halloween, bridal showers, birthday parties..... so much to do and I promise to take lots of pictures of Amelia and Nate for Halloween. Amelia is going to be a witch...Nathan, well we are still not sure what he is going to be. He wants to be a knight or a power ranger. We shall see.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trust Me....

I wish my son (Nate) would have let me take a picture of him tonight. Trust me I am LMAO!!!! Seriously, seriously hard LMAO. I know what kind of mother am I that I would laugh at my baby boy.
Here it is, he got a hold to a blue permanent marker and drew a blue mustache on his face!!!! I've been scrubbing for a half an hour to get it off!!!

*****UP Date OK here is the best picture I could talk him into letting me take......

I guess you just had to be there!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt like a herder? That's what I felt like yesterday....

and UMM yeah...I know I missed Favorite Foto Friday....I'll get it.

Anyway back to the herding, We went to the doctor, first we went to the allergist with Marshall (just Marsh and I) We are thinking about starting him on allergy shots to see if we can get him off some of these meds, here lately we are seeing him every two

Later I had to pick the other two up from school and head to the pediatrician's office for flu shots and other things, Nate need a vaccine and 5 year check up...yeah he's the "healthy" one so he gets slacked on, on the doctor visits. Marshall had to see the doctor, because of his weight gain, he had had a thyroid level test done. Well here is where I felt like I was herding (if that is even a word). But not a sheep herder, because gosh darn it at least sheep stay in a flock!!!! I felt like a chicken herder!! And anyone who has ever raised chicken or been to a chicken farm knows what I am talking about..they see humans and they scatter in all different directions. That is what it looked like when the nurse came in with the shots, of course if I really stop and think about it...that's probably what I look like on a regular basis!!! After the doctors office we had to go to the hospital's out patient pavilion to do some blood work on both Marshall and Amelia. Here again I looked like a chicken herder one was in one direction and the other two were in two totally different directions "visiting" (that's where both Amelia and Marshall had to go when they were in therapy) I was frazzled by the time I got home, which was about 5:15 when Marshall and I left the house that morning it was about 10am. I'm getting better at this Chicken herding thing!!!

I'm hoping to go through some pictures this weekend and find some really cute ones!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pregnancy and infant Loss Rememberance Day

I just discovered this website...

Go to

I'm going to light a candle tonight at 7pm in remembrance of our lost little one. He would be 11 years old. I was almost 5 and 1/2 months a long in my pregnancy when we lost him. He was named Seth Michael, we know that he is in heaven and he is watching over his brothers and sister...........

Monday, October 13, 2008


Well the weekend was nice, but I'm glad that it is Monday morning...I'm sure all you SAHM's know what I am talking about. (Wink, Wink.....)

Anyway, to the Eye doctor we went on Friday, well first Amelia's eyes have improved a great deal. She does not need glasses, she was disappointed, she wanted some...go figure, Marshall on the other hand who needs them doesn't want them. His news was 50/50. While his eye site is improving....can you shout it with me....NO MORE DOUBLE VISION!!! A horrible side effect from the stroke he suffered during transplant 5 years ago. BUT, come on you knew it was coming didn't had to have know there always seems to be a but. OK first, his eye site is improving too, if he would just wear those darn glasses on a regular basis. ( He hates them and thinks he looks like a dork with them....not the truth) They are helping his eyes steadily improve, and hopefully one day he won't need them anymore or at least not all the time!! Here is where the but comes lately he has had to be put on a lot of inhaled steroids and a few steroid shots and some by mouth (not for long about a week for his Allergies and Asthma) What we discovered as we were at the eye doc is that all the steroid use has started cataracts in his left eye. You use something to help improve one thing and then you get another side affect!!!! UUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!
We have an appointment with the allergist on the 16th for quite a few discussions...first, I think he is on way too much inhaled steroids , I think they are the cause of a lot of side effects like...weight gain, moodiness and now the cataract. His weight has climbed here in the last few months, we are going to also go to the pediatrician to see if she can check his thyroid and see if that could be some of the problem. He weighs 150lbs. I just pray that they can get to the reason for the weight gain.

Well I have to run we made the mistake of getting out the Halloween decorations and well it looks like someone threw up Halloween all over the livingroom.

I don't have a recipe for Tasty Tuseday...I'll keep looking though.....


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Early Favorite Foto Friday

Well I'm posting this early (Thursday night) as tomorrow is another Friday of no school. Kids have early eye doctor appointments. Which worked out fairly well as Amelia, for the first time since she has been in school since she was 4 she got to attend the "tardy party". Which means that anyone who has never been, absent, checked out or tardy gets to have afternoon recess and Popsicles. Well as a terminally ill child...I thought that was AWESOME!! it was also her classes week to do the morning broadcast, not sure if other schools do this, but all the classes have TVs in them and every morning they turn them on and do the pledge and read "news" and other things, there are usually 5 kids picked and Miss Amelia was one of them!! I'm just so proud of her!!

On to another note...we went to the hematologist for Tyren again today and well not much news other than the iron infusion seems to be working as his hemoglobin is now up to 12.2, still not normal but much, much better and well while we were there we went ahead and got our flu shots....the kids get theirs next week.

OK on to some of my favorite fotos's.......

This first one is from when Amelia was 2 and our first trip to Tennessee......

This next one is from a trip week took to Gulf Shores....

Nate was into wearing that coon tail everywhere!! Thankfully he out grew that.

And last but not least I think this is my all time favorite, it shows Amelia being a kid and having a blast.......

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tastee Tuseday

OK so I'm going to try something different and start Tuesdays to be tastee day and post a recipe as often as I here we go this is a New'Awlins Original, tasty, EASY, and deeeeliiicious!!

Muffuletta Pasta (can be pronounces, MOO fa lotta or Muf a Lotta)
Extra virgin Olive Oil about 2-3 tablespoons maybe more
Ham 1 one quarter think cut we have Chessie's ham boiled or baked any kind is fine
Genoa Salami about 6 slices kinda thick you'll see in the pictures.
Olive salad or just sliced olives in a jar
Penne pasta boiled to al dente, (I'm not sure how much I usually use the whole box if you buy it by the box, but I buy it in bulk!!!)
Shredded provolone cheese

OK first, slice up the ham and salami like so.....

Now pour some olive oil in the bottom of the pan and saute the ham and salami, till they are a little brown.......

Just keep sauteing (for give me I have no idea how to spell it) Then add the olive salad......

When this is warmed up you can start adding the pasta, you can add some more olive oil too if ya want......

Then when it is done you can sprinkle some provolone cheese on top, or if your like me and lazy just buy the shredded mozzarella in a bag and sprinkle that on there it still taste just as good (oh and don't make fun of our "fine " China......that all we eat on around here!!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

OK so it's Friday and I'm joining in the ranks of the blogger world by posting one (of my many) Favorite Fotos!!!

It's from last Christmas, but it still shows how close my little ones are.......