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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths STRAIGHT.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Closing of 2009...

It is that time of year again where we look back at the last year and organize our lives. This last year was a really good year. I meet new friends and lost some too, that I still truly miss, but also understand, but it still hurts. We found out who we can really count on in times of need. We are so blessed to have such wonderful caring people in our lives, like Jamie, Susan, Heather and her entire family!! Our year started of like any other just a typical "normal" family. Still able to make a few plans here and there. We celebrated a wedding in January, with an addition to a new son-in-law (Step son-in-law for me). In March we had the best vacation ever as we went to Florida and stuck as much as we could into that one week. The kids had a blast and are so looking forward to returning again in the near future. April and May came with the kids looking forward to school being out and summer fun. Me not so much, I like routine and a schedule. We managed to survive it and in the end had a great and memorable summer. June and July we celebrated birthday's. Amelia turned 9 on June 7th, a true blessing that I am praying she gets to see so many more. Marshall turned 16 on July 20 a big accomplishment in the FA world!! Our baby boy turned 6 on the 28th of July. August school started and it was time to do Amelia's annual bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy would only give us false hopes. It was the same as the previous year and not much change. It seems that August was a pivotal month and that after it things just seemed to go down hill from there. Ty and I went on a wonderful vacation (the best ever!) to Vegas. We had an amazing time and so look forward to going back again. I had surgery shortly after our return for a torn meniscus. October came and went and we had a great Halloween. Then from there things are blurry, as on November 6th our faith was tested once again. Ty had a horrible accident and is so very lucky to be alive. God was truly watching over him, I think God knows how much his family still needs him here. At Thanksgiving we truly had a lot to be thankful for. But shortly after Thanksgiving we got the news that we have been dreading, Amelia needs to go to transplant her counts are dropping, not exactly the news one wants to hear, but we have known that this was coming for 9 years now and still it doesn't make this any easier! We will continue forward and hold our heads high and pray daily for Him to heal our little princess! I know that He will be with us every step of the way and I also know that along the way He WILL be carrying me when I feel like I can't go on anymore.
December came and we celebrated a wonderful family Christmas truly was a magical one that many of my friends help make the magic. We also welcomed to the world a new grandson for Ty a step grandson for me and Amelia is an aunt and Marshall & Nathan are uncles! Welcome Barrett!
So as this year comes to an end we look to the new one with high hopes and much need possibilities. Life keeps going on and a new day will continue to dawn. I will keep learning to take this journey with one single step at a time and I will learn to keep breathing in and breathing out. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy each and every day, enjoy and love your children they are so truly one of God's amazing miracles!
May you all have a wonderfully blessed New Year. Happy 2010!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Its really sweet when you have a doctor like this:

I can only imagine how hard this must be. I wish I could just make this go away for you. Once must be enough. Repeat in 2-3 weeks. No contact sports and no skating or biking for now. J

This was his e-mail to me earlier, but it still doesn't stop the pain, but to know that he is a wonderful doctor who is dedicaded to making the lives of children better. He is also a great friend!
My eyes are swollen and my head is hurting!! Gotta pick myself up and keep moving forward!
Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your way acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight!! Proverbs 3:5-6

Everything happens at the time God chooses. Ecclesiastes 3
When I finish crying my eyes out I might be able to pull myself together!!!! I knew it and I was already preparing myself for the worst.... her counts were not good Not at all!
WBC (white blood cells) 3.3
HGB (hemoglobin) 9.9
Platelets 18

On top of all of this Marshall has been complaining about the scar on his head hurting at the top where the screw is. Now I am tyring to get an appointment with the neurosurgeon. The body may be starting to reject the screw. If that is the case that means surgery again, possibly.
I just want to bury my head in the sand! I feel like one of those rubber stretch dolls that is being pulled in all kinds of directions!

So much emotions going on right now. I want to go and get transplant over with, but I want the guarantee that she will be coming home with us. I know that, that is not a possibility the guarantee...I am trying to have faith here, but my brain over rides my heart at most times!

I just feel that this isn't the kind of stuff that parents should have to deal with! I mean I KNOW that there are a lot of parents out there who deal with this kinda stuff all the time and it just isn't right. No parent should feel this way and to those of you who are fortunate to not have to deal with this please love your children and give them all of you and let them know how lucky they are.
Thing is I knew, I KNEW that this time was coming and I have been prepared for this..we have to do what we have to do. I just need my husband better and back at work, I need Marshall 100%. I hate the fact that my family will be scattered all over for so long...

I just need to stop venting and just let the fog settle and then deal with all of this!
as Arnold would say.....I'll be back!!!

Prayers please....

We are about to head out in this nasty weather to bring Ty to therapy and then to get Amelia's blood counts done. Not happy to be having to take out my beautiful red car in this yucky weather!!
Not sure if I will find out Amelia's counts today but as soon as I find out I will post them, good or bad.
Gotta run get everyone where they need to be. Then the dreaded house cleaning! But it might just wait till Monday when they are all at school! It looks like a bomb went off in here!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The man in the red suit brought us this year a Wii. We have had more fun as a family playing that Wii. I am sore in places I didn't even know existed! We have been staying up till midnight playing band is super duper fun even when you have no idea what you are doing!
The weather here has been pretty good, the kids are outside helping their dad in the yard. Yes he is out moving around with no crutches or a cane, which it was suggested that he use, but he is a hard headed Bennett! He had his first day of therapy on Monday afternoon. Which he did rather well at, but Jim (the same PT that I had who knew all about it) didn't like some of the pain that he was having on examination...indicating that there maybe a need for an MRI and that there may very well be damage to the soft tissues. Not the news Ty wants to hear, he is sooooooo ready to go back to work. It is boring around here. Well for him anyway, he has even resorted to helping me fold the clothes...hmmm I kinda like that! I will miss when he goes back to work I have kinda grown to like having him around. I thought he would be driving me crazy by now, but he has been pretty good.

Marshall had his wisdom teeth out last Tuesday the 22nd and we went back today to have a recheck and everything looked fine. He was lucky he didn't even get swollen and he was able to eat pizza and Christmas dinner with no problem. Now he is looking forward to New Year's eve to go to church they have and all night party and they also have a talent show and he and one of the youth pastors, Josh, are going to sing a song together.

Amelia will be going again tomorrow for more blood counts. It has been 3 weeks since her last counts and she is not sick so I am praying for much improvements, but at the same time I am prepared for them to be know the saying hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
After blood work it will be therapy again and I guess I get to take the kids to use their gift cards....lucky me, I always seem to have to put up extra. Well not this year I am not being a softy!

I am ready to start the new year and see what it will bring for us. We are getting ready for our annual New Year's eve party with the Lang's!! So much fun each and every year!
Well I have avoided house work long I guess it is time to go finish it all.....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Afterburn!

We had a wonderful Christmas despite the many challenges we are faced with! The kids all loved their many treasures they woke up too.
This is what it looked like when Santa got don't want to see it when the kids got finished!!!

Ok back up a few days... our van went out of warrenty right after Thanksgiving (we had and extended one on it)75,000 miles. Well it had 77,000 miles on it and wouldn't you know every little thing was starting to break and go wrong with it and right before Christmas it was in the shop to see what was wrong with it and how much it was going to cost....well long story short it was going to cost more to fix it than it was worth! So on the 23rd we were looking and this is what I got for Christmas this year! I've been very good Santa!

Prayers Therapy starts today!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I love me some Sean Payton!!!

Too bad they lost!!! I know its all because my boy Shockey wasn't playing damn turf toe!!!
Well I'll be watching them Vikings play tomorrow night....I would love for the Saints to keep home field advantage, but I also really want th Viks to woop up on those Bears!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house every one stirred....I think even the mouse!

The stockings were all hung by the entertainment center...but who cares he never fills them anyway....

St. Nick is on his way.

The children, we are fighting to get them in bed. While visions of Wii's and such danced in their heads.

While Nate and dad went to lay and mama has to stay and play....

When out in the front yard there was such a clatter, I arose from the computer to see what was the matter...

too tired to really find out....

Hoping the kids all go to sleep soon so Santa can come and then it will be a
Good Night to all and to all a Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Blessings to all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Teeth are out

The new oral surgeon has a last minute cancellation for 11:15 today! We took it, well I took it Marshall wasn't all that impressed with my decision. But it is over and done with. He did really well and was quite nervous. He is in his bed resting now. The bottom two were impacted in the bone and came out in pieces. So more than likely he will be sore for a few days. He has his pain meds so lets hope that they work.

We have been busy busy, busy which I kinda helps me from hearing I am bored or the two little ones fight!

Saturday we had a special visitor come to our house to see the kids.....

The kids really had a great time and just loved the early visit from Santa!!
Hate to cut this short but there is so much that needs to be done and not a lot of time....I will try to be back before Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grumble, grumble...growl!

Why does nothing ever work out the way we want it too? I guess that would just make life to damn simple! I have in this journey of mine, really tried to learn not to sweat the small stuff. I have tried and am still trying, but that is usually easier said than done.. Of course it is the little things that keep adding up to eventually be a big thing!!! Life is one unending lesson after another.
Ok I am not going to bitch and grumble any more, I'm gonna dig out my happy face slap it on and be a perky little know the one that annoys everyone!

I rescheduled Marshall's Oral surgery, of course it will have to be done while school is in unless a cancellation comes in before then. Our Disney cruise keeps getting pushed back to what now looks like the last week of February. So that means more days of school missed for all of them! We have been waiting on court check to come in since Aug...did they friggin' for get about my husband!! My sinuses are so full of pressure that I feel like my head will explode any minute...but I can't be sick! I am the man and the woman of the house these days! There isn't much that I can't do around here...I may have not known how to do it all but along the way (17 years of it) I have figured out a thing or two. After all, the one lesson my dad taught me and taught me well was to NEVER depend on any one but yourself and there is NOTHING that you can't do if you put your mind to it. Well, like I said life is one big lesson..... The lesson I am trying to learn is how to change to oil in the van. Hell if dumb and dumber can do it, I figure there is still hope for me. I am pretty handy to have around. I have a friend of mine, who I love dearly (hi Susan)but whose husband (Hey Wilt) told me that she will pass up the gas station on the way home, get home and tell him that the car needs gas and he has to go fill it up...she won't!! Oh and yes she is a blond!
Anyway I guess I'm just getting worn down and tired of being the man and the woman. I love my husband dearly and in no way am I mad at him...(I just needed somewhere to vent) It just goes to show you that life is full of lessons, no this is not what we wanted to happen in any way what so one ever plans an accident other wise it truly isn't an accident. No one plans to have sick kids, but there are plenty out there. All I am saying is the timing in all of this really sucks, but can't change it and need to keep trudging forward. At least I can still count on my husband for a paycheck...for now any way..hoping he's back at work before he runs out of time!

Tomorrow is a half of day for the kids, Nathan gets to where his PJ's to school tomorrow for Polar Express day. He is so excited..that is one of his FAVORITE movies of all times, he watches it every time he finds it on TV...I keep for getting to buy the movie for him, and yep, I've forgotten again this year and can't seem to find it anywhere! The whole school will watch it at the same time and they get to have cookies and hot chocolate while watching it...the teachers and all wear their PJ's too. So cute.
Saturday we have special visitors coming all the way from the North Pole...Yep Santa and Mrs. Claus will be coming to our house for a visit, and yes I will take lots of pictures to share with you.
Tuesday, we are going on a tour of the French Quarter with Make~A~Wish and Macy's. We will stop at the St Louis cathedral and take pictures with Santa again!!
Wednesday, my dad's birthday and the day I take Tyren back to the doctor for hopefully some really good news..... then of course Christmas Eve and Christmas. Busy, busy, busy...just the way I like it. Hopefully I won't hear I'm bored, at least until after Christmas I hope and then I hope they get enough stuff from Santa to keep them busy enough to keep from saying it........

One can hope can't they!

In case I don't get back before then...MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of You...Yeah even YOU!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Oral Surgery is a no go for today. Marshall was way too nervous for our doctor to do it and he doesn't put people to sleep at his office so he is sending us to another Oral Surgeon, his own actually, who will put him to sleep and then do it. Poor thing had an asthma attack and couldn't breathe. I'll let you know when it is rescheduled for.

Today is the Day.....(or one of the days)

Today is the day! Marshall will be going in a little while to have his wisdom teeth pulled. He is a little nervous and doesn't know what to expect. It has been so long since I had mine pulled I really don't remember much other than being so swollen. On top of that he is still fighting with head and chest congestion. I think the stress has gotten to me because I am finally getting the crud. My throat is itchy and a little sore and I am losing my voice, which I think the kids kinda like. Not that they ever listen to it!!! I'm tired and I just want to go and crawl back into bed and sleep. Looks like I will be taking my nap in the waiting room, while Marshall is busy. The only part of the next few weeks that I am looking forward to is not having to get up at 5am.
Ty is bored beyond words. He wants to get out and do something tomorrow. Not sure what we will do considering Marshall will be home and I'm sure in pain and complaining. I do need to finish up a few last minute Christmas presents.
Oh that reminds me, the kids will have some special visitors this Saturday! Santa and Mrs. Claus is coming to our house for a visit. I will be taking lots of pictures. Of course that means I will be cleaning house all day Friday....never know when Santa will inspect the house....
Well I'm off to get another one up and ready for school. Please say a little prayer for Marshall today.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Also if you have little kids and haven't tried this you must! Amelia is right there on the fence about Santa and this was so cute for her this morning...Try it Personal Videos from Santa

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is it Monday???

Ahhh Sweet satisfaction! Beings that my husband is stuck in the house with very limited things to do....he finally gets it!!!! At about 11:00 yesterday morning, he turned to me and asked.......

Welcome to my world! and then I reminded him we have two weeks with all this commotion. I could see the look of terror on his face. I don't think he'll ever say anything about the holidays and summer again!

Remind me again why we don't live in China?!!!

We have a busy week ahead. Today we are going out to a Christmas party in Pearl River for the Children's Wish Endowment. Should be fun for the kids. I think later we will stop at my parents house since we won't be far from them. Monday Marshall has all of his exams, and then he is finished with school till after the first of the year. Monday we also have Nate's Christmas program at school. He is so funny the other day he was singing a song for his program and I started singing with him, he looked up and me and said "Mom you were in a Christmas program too?" Boy does he live under a rock or what! It is so much fun watching him learn new things like reading and spelling...busy little mind just growing, growing.....
Tuesday I have a meeting at Amelia's school. Wednesday is Marshall's oral surgery to have all of his wisdom teeth removed...poor fella. I've been there and done that..not a pretty sight...looked like a chipmunk for quite a few days. Mine was done at Easter time so I was still swollen when I went back to school. Marshall will have two weeks before he has to go back to school, but I can't say he won't get in any pictures for Christmas!!!

I also go back to the doctor on Monday afternoon. I think it will be my last visit and he will release me and I won't need to go back to therapy anymore! I think my right leg is now stronger than my left one!
Well gotta go get dressed for the Christmas party, but I thought I would just give you an little update...I know you are thrilled huh! Any way trying to live life to the fullest and a happy one for Mimi (Amelia).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Elf Your Self!!!

OK so I've been elfing the kids at elfyourself......They are different....

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


Amelia's Anc was 1000, so that means no trip to New Orleans for a shot of GCSF. We will repeat counts in about 2-3 weeks per Dr. Wagner in Minneapolis. We will keep praying that they will improve. I hate to have to see my baby suffer so! Transplant is not a pretty sight. Its just not fair that kids have to suffer so. Please know that she is not feeling bad know or has it affected her in any way, she is still her feisty little self and still FULL of energy and pep. But I have been through this once with Marshall, I know the scene all to well!

Tyren continues to heal. We will return to the doctor on the 23rd for more x-rays. He is so bored here. He is by no means a homebody or one to just sit around...that is why I think he likes his job so much, always on the go. He is still sleeping in the recliner as it still hurts to lay flat. His ribs are healing and not hurting as bad but they did say those would take the longest to heal. I'm getting spoiled by having the whole bed to myself!

Marshall is home sick, he went to the doctor on Wed. He has a sinus infection, he is on a 3 day antibiotic and starts another one on Monday for his Oral surgery that will be on Wed. We have a very busy next week, I don't think there is not a day that we don't have something scheduled.
It is weeks like this that make me want to run away and be someone else for a while. Busy is OK but this is insane busy. Thankfully I have wonderful friends who help me get out and take my mind off of things!
Can't believe that the year is almost to an end and Christmas is right around the corner. I just want to put the breaks on and go in extreme slow motion.
But not today go too much to do...gotta run literally!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not the best of news....

Here is a copy of the email that I just sent out:

Greetings Friends and Family,

We got Amelia's counts done again today. They are obiviously not what we had hoped. Some were up and some were down. She is still fighting a cold however but they were not up enough to impress the specialist in Minneapolis. This was his repy to me:

"If the ANC is <500 then we need to give GCSF. Otherwise, we should wait. I think we should be prepared to go to transplant as planned but we can always delay with GCSF and transfusions for a little while. GCSF wont be harmful as far as I know. John"

So as you can all clearly see, 2010 will be a transplant year for us. We are not sure if it will be March, April or May...There are a few things here at home that need to be taken care of before we go and of course a donor must be found and narrowed down to that one perfect match.
We have had 9 years to prepare for this, as I am not sure that one can ever truly be fully prepared to watch their child suffer so. But we have always know it was a WHEN not an IF!
I just ask that you all continue to keep us all in your prayers as we embark on a new journey. It will not be easy, but I have faith....F fantastic, A adventure, I in, T trusting, H HIM. I know that God will be with us every step of the way and just like before He will be there to carry us threw the difficult times. I have never questioned Him on why my kids and why we have to go through this. I have been given a blessing in my children and know that God would not give me more than I can handle.
I want to thank you all in advance for all that you all have done and continue to do for our family, some of you have truly been a God send and I know that you will be there for us when needed in the future.
Thank you to each and every one of you.
Hugs and Blessings,
The Bennett Family
Kelly, Tyren, Marshall, Amelia and Nathan
PS please feel free to pass this on, I know there is power in prayer!

This email would have been sent to many of you had I know your email addresses, but I also want to thank many of you for being there for us some of you are very faithfull followers from our Caringbridge days. Thank you for being there as we embark on another long and hard journey!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prayer Request...

I know this is late, but if you could please remember Amelia in prayer tonight and tomorrow morning. We are going to go and get Amelia's blood counts done some time tomorrow. I am nervous....I want them to be up and the last week a bad dream! I will let you know as soon as we find them out!

Monday, December 7, 2009

our poor Christmas tree....

This year with all that is going on I have not been much in the Christmas mood! We usually have the whole house decorated and a big beautiful tree. With Tyren unable to help I really hate to ask anyone else to help me, my poor dad does enough for us as it is, but Amelia asked him the other day when he was here if he would get the fake tree out of the attic for us. He even put it together for them. It already has the lights on there. I let the kids do all the decorating of it themselves. This is what we ended up with.

Not too bad...except this is the front of the tree

This on the other hand is the side and back of the tree that faces the window...

This would be the other side of it....

All of the ornaments are clumped together. It looks like it is leaning a little....

But I am not changing it, this is their handy work and they were so happy doing it all by themselves! So this year it is truly their (Amelia & Nathan) Christmas tree....

I'll let ya know if it topples over...hehehehehe...

Oh and yes, yes I am avoiding the elephant in the room. I am keeping Amelia home tomorrow to make sure she is well hydrated for her blood draw on Wed. morning. I should know something Wed afternoon or Thursday morning, please keep her in your prayers. We broke down and told her what was going on...she started to cry a bit but I just told her we knew that this was coming. It has never been IF its always been WHEN. I think she will be fine she is so tough...but a little scared and doesn't want to be separated from her family again. I think that is always the hard part. She will miss her daddy so much! Anyway I'll let you know as we get more info...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Night continued...

This morning,(Sunday 11-6) we got up and went to New Orleans for our FA brunch. it was very nice. It was nice to meet other families in our area who deal with this also.
It's been a busy day and now I need to finish to laundry so the kids will have clean clothes to wear to school this week!

Here is a look at the very little bit of snow that we got this year, nothing like the foot of snow that we had last year!

There is just something pretty about watching the snow fall!!

Here is a picture of Amelia in the snow last year....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow day...umm I mean Night '09

We just played in a very little bit of snow....
No where near as much as last year...
It's late and I am tired from another emotion filled, very busy day, so I am leaving you with our Christmas card for this year...
No one wanted to take a picture all together. Or should I say the boys wouldn't cooperate so this is what we ended up with, but that's OK because I didn't pay a penny for them, not even shipping they were all FREE!!!
(if you click on the picture it will open up larger)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well it was a very busy day today. Ty went to the doctor today and he is healing...We go back in three more weeks and he will probably schedule a MRI on the knee. The only problem with that is we might not get the best results considering he has metal in there and it might make it difficult to see what is going on in there. A big part of it will depend on him and how it feels when he starts to put weight on it. So the news there was rather encouraging. Friday we are off to talk to an attorney, we have been contacted three times from Allstate insurance (the lady's ins.)We just need to cover all our bases and will not settle anything till he is back at work!

After we finished with him at the doctor we headed to get Amelia from school. We have been putting off getting them done, not for any particular reason. Just the less you know the happier you seem...well so I thought that would be the case. Anyway off to get the blood. One stick was all it took with very little digging. I wasn't planning on getting her results till tomorrow, but our pediatrician called from her cell phone. That right there in its self is a heads up!!!! He counts were not the best at all. They all took a turn down ward!
Platelets 23 {normal should be well over 150}
White blood cells 3.5 {normal here is usually between 5-7}
Hemaglobin 9.5 {normal here is 12 and above}
ANC 770 {to fight infections it should be 1000}

I emailed the specialist in Minnesota, NOT THE NEWS I WANTED TO HEAR FROM HIM!!!
this was his reply:
" recheck in a week. Obiviously I hope this is temporary but if not up I might need to activate the donor search. I'll hold for now John"

My head is spinning once again my world is being turned upside down, not the words I wanted to read. I can't stop crying my stomach is in all kinds of knots, my heart aches. I know we have to do what we have to do, but I am scared to death here. I don't want to see my baby suffer and I don't want to loose her!!
I can't let her see me crying!

It's also been an emotional night as we have learned of another FA adult patient who lost her battle unexpectedly today. She will truly be missed in the FA community!

I will pull myself together and storm the heavens with lots and lots of prayers! I have to go for now I can barely see the keyboard. I will try to give a better info update tomorrow.


My stomach is in knots....

I have no finger nails left....

I've put it off long enough...

We're going today to get Amelia's counts done.

So please say a prayer that...

1) they get it with only one stick and little digging

2) that her counts remain stable and no drops!! We don't want bad news for Christmas!

I won't get results till sometime tomorrow, but as soon as I do I will post them.

I'm off to the doctors today with Ty, we are hoping and praying that the bone is starting to heal where it is and that surgery is NOT needed! I have no idea what we will do if he runs out of time at work!! I can't worry about that's Christmas time and I don't need anymore to worry about...deep'll work out!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ok so Saturday we didn't do much of anything...more cleaning and cleaning. You would think with all this cleaning this house would be spotless!

Sunday we decided to take a ride to the Bass Pro shop. They had a bunch of stuff set up for the kids to do and see, and Santa Claus too.

We stood in line to see Santa Claus for a while. Tyren and Wilt were upstairs with the little boys Nathan and Kasey, the big boys (Marshall and Susan's son Tyler) were wondering around. So Susan and I and Amelia were taking turns standing in line for Santa. Well, while we were standing in line Ty and Wilt come back down stairs and stand by us. I asked Ty where was Nathan and he said he was just right here behind me. So I went to look back over by the fish and coon thinking maybe he wondered back over there. I circled around two or three times and still couldn't find him at this point I did what I do best...panic. By this time we had a bunch of people looking for him. Susan said to go to the front of the store and report him missing, because they close off the entrance and exits till he is found. SO off I went to the front of the store, gave them a report and in about 10 minutes he was found! The only thing is, he had no idea he was lost, because in truth he wasn't lost. What happened was as they were walking back to met us in the Santa line Nate told Ty he was going racing, but what Ty heard was he saw Kasey, and again this is where you would just have to know how Nate talks to understand this. After I pulled my tummy from out of my toes I fussed at both Nate and Dad!! Wilt of course said do you know how hard it is to keep up with the two of them. I said Wilt I keep up with three of them all the time and don't loose them! I told him it was just a male thing.
Then we got back in line for Santa and finally got to see him....

After all that we were all hungry so we decided to eat in the restaurant there.
While in the restaurant we met some other friends of ours and sat and talked with them while we waited for out table. Lunch was delicious! I had fried cat fish, shrimp and my favorite fried alligator, with a yummy sauce made with jalapeno jelly and cream cheese.
After we had spent many hours there Ty and Wilt wanted to ride to Cabela's. Which I didn't mind so much because we have been to the one in Minnesota numerous times and really enjoyed it. There it is huge and when you are stuck in a frozen tundra with nothing but snow and slush it is a welcome change to get out. The one in Gonzales is not so huge. It was tiny compared to the one in Minnesota. They still had a good bit of stuffed animals that the kids like to look at....

Well this week is a busy one..yesterday was therapy for about hurt!
Today was the oral surgeon for Marshall, Surgery will be on the 16th of Dec. 4 wisdom teeth bottom two are impacted in the bone! Tomorrow is Ty's next appointment with the orthopedics and finally Friday is grocery day!!
This weekend should be another adventure, we will be heading to New Orleans to have a brunch at the Wyndham hotel with some other FA Louisiana families and meet the Family support coordinator, should be fun. Marshall won't be attending, he will be going with the church choir to sing at Forest Manor and then at the two church services. So I'll need to find some one to pick him up from church on Sunday.
Any way I hope that I have a little more interesting of an update on the next one, but personally I really prefer boring!! That means things are going good when we are boring people. I'm off to work on our address lables for our Christmas card...that'll be my next post!