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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Year.....

A lot has changed in a year....
 A year ago today we sat in a hospital room waiting patiently for new cells to come and save my little girls life....
A year ago today we were filled with anticipation, hope, and mostly fear. Fear of the unknown and of what was to be in the days to come. We prayed, for Amelia to be safe and for the donors recovery. The emotions of that day are still there, yet very hard to describe them. Having been through it twice you would think that it would be easy to describe. I hope and pray that somewhere overseas that the donor knows how grateful we are for what they have done for us and will always be apart of our lives. The donor will be remembered as Amelia marks every milestone in her life be it big or small, because no matter she would not have been able to reach any of them had it not been for the amazing donation of their marrow. In the past year we have already begun to be thank for the donor's donation. Amelia has done remarkably well well since we have returned home, we had a bump or two but just a few! Her health has been unbelievably well. Her counts have all returned to normal.She just finished up her 6th grade year of school where she was on the honor roll all 4 nine weeks a big accomplishment for her. In the past years her health played a big part in her grades, her hemoglobin was too low sometimes for her to even think straight, or have the energy to finish out the school day. Now her energy levels are soaring and so are her grades!Next school year she herself will be soaring, literally speaking as she made the schools cheerleading team, and since she is the smallest and lightest she will be......gulp....a flyer as they call them! (also another milestone that we thanked her donor for) Today Amelia is a "normal" preteen girl, healthy and happy (for the most part considering she is a preteen!!She will celebrate her 12th birthday on June 7th. Her hair is growing back very slowly, but very thick and curly, which of course she hates. Today is her last day to take her transplant related pills with is her bactrium! She takes prescription claratin for her eczema that she has acquired thanks to transplant and he synthroid. We do not like to mention the ugly monster that caused her so much pain and that brought her back into the hospital and that happened to rear its ugly head in January...lets just say her urine has been all clear! She is an amazingly tough cookie, she has lots of spunk and more than enough attitude. I know it will be a long a boring summer for her. She was just getting back to school full time and it all ended, she is extremely sad, but next year, thanks to her donor is fill with anticipation and loads and loads of hope. A new chapter in her life is beginning. Here is a look back through pictures at the past year.....
Here she is on the trip to Minneapolis...
This is Amelia on the car ride to Minneapolis.
Here she is one one of her work up appointments.

Here she is taking control of her hair falling out! She was very brave and made me take her to get it all shaved off, a sad day for me to watch as she was so brave.

Amelia and her brother on transplant day.
Here you can see her cheeks puffy due to an infection in them.
one her first day pass after being in the hospital for more than 45 days
getting stronger and out of the hospital! On a trip to the clinic!
Home, finally, with her beloved doggy Chico!
Even meeting movie stars while being an extra!
On set filming a Make~A~Wish commercial!
Firstday back at school in over a year!
hair growing in !
end of school dance
And what she does best, faces and swimming!

I know this last year has been tough, we made it through the hurdles. The road is still a long one ahead of us, but you are even stronger now. The C word...dreaded Cancer, will always be breathing down our necks but we plan to stay one step ahead of it!
For all of you following us, I thank you all for coming on this journey with us and for being there every step of the way! Your support, thoughts and prayers really mean a lot to us. Everyday is a precious girt, take a moment and enjoy what you have and be thankful! I know I truly am, I am very thankful and blessed. Not one but two strangers gave a piece of their selves to me, if for not them I would not be blessed with two miracle kids!!!
Have a great weekend.
Blessings and love,
The Bennett Family
Kelly, Tyren, Marshall, Amelia, and Nathan

oh and Chico and CoCo too!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

$2 for $2 Million

I'm asking that if you are reading this post to please take a minute and go to the link below and donate $2 in honor of Marshall and Amelia Bennett. This is for Fanconi Anemia, the disease that my children suffer from. Yest they have had a bone marrow transplant but their journey with FA is far from over! We much watch them both closely for cancer. Research is our only hope for a cure for them and the others that suffer from this disease. Please help if you can! click here to go to Fanconi Anemia
Again goto Thanks, Kelly

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012


WOW, I can't believe how life is just whizzing by. I feel like I am standing in the middle and the world is just spinning around me. Time is flying by... See it wasn't that long ago that I was holding this and dreaming about the day that he gets older...
But in a blink of an eye he went to this...
And last Wednesday night he was doing this....
Yep it's official! He did it he walked across that stage and is finished with school! As for Amelia she is wrapping up the school year. She was just getting back settled in to a school routine and now its time for her to stop going, she isn't that happy about it! When school start back up she will be in......7th grade, can you believe that...where oh where did the time go?? Nate well he is starting to shut down. He is ready for school to be over and I can't believe that he will be in the 4th grade. My babies are growing up so fast...yep like I said...I feel as if I'm standing still and they are running around me in fast motion and all I want to do is yell slow down!! Amelia is doing great health wise, we travel back to Minneapolis on the 9th of June to start a week worth of appointments. Gotta run help with home work. Blessings, Kelly