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Saturday, September 3, 2016


Wow where has the time gone!

 Just checking in again.

 It has been quite sometime since I have last updated.
 The kids continue to grow and get older. I can't believe how much time has just flown by. They are all doing fairly well. Marshall had a scare with what we thought was a tumor in the bone of his upper arm. We have been having it closely monitored. We went last week for some more scans and the doctor feels more than sure it is nothing to worry about. we will go back again in 6 months and if there is no change then he will be dismissed. Marshall has been a busy man these days. Back in March he went on his first mission trip clear across the country to Thailand. These days he is helping the flood victims by gutting out houses and clean up efforts. He is planning on attending another mission trip to Thailand in November, but is trying to raise the fund to get him there, so far he has had his plane ticket paid for, but in order to go he must raise $500.00 more dollars. I will have to post his letter he wrote as soon as I figure out how to do that. Amelia started her junior year in high school. She was very sick the first week of school and missed the whole first week. She is much better now and doing well, both in school and health wise. I updated the picture at the top of the blog that is the most recent picture of our family taken in May. Nathan is also doing well, he is in 8th grade. This will be his last year at the junior high school and next year he will be at the high school with Amelia. He is hoping to try out for a few sports at school this year. Baseball, volleyball and the track team. Ty is still working, as long as his back and neck will let him. He has his good days and bad days. there really isn't much to do for them except surgery and he refuses to do that until it is his last resort. I am also doing fairly well, I continue to work, which I really enjoy....never thought I would say that. With the kids getting older and not needing so many doctor visits I figured I would get out there and go to work. Well I know that this is a quick little up date. I will try and get up some newer pictures, especially of Marshall and his trip to Thailand. Besides, I am not really sure anyone even reads this blog anymore.
 Well until next time,
  Take care,