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Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Picture....

I had to change it! the look on the dogs face says it all. A typical day in our house!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I know I have been MIA, but I felt since Thanksgiving is coming up I should do an update. We went to Minneapolis, last Wed thru Friday. It was a great trip. Amelia will not be officially 6 months till this Sunday the 27th. We had a great visit with Dr Wagner, he was very pleased with how well she looks and how well she has been doing. We did counts and they were about the same as they have been. Holding steady and I'll take that. She went to peds sedation and had her bone marrow biopsy and line removed. She did great with both of them. She was a bit nervous about the line coming out. I told her it would be a cinch, but after 6 months you become attached to it. Her biopsy went so smooth, one stick and a very small bandage and hardly any blood, much different compared to the last two that she had. She said I want that NP next time to do it! Line came out and she was fine with it being gone. I know though when we go to clinic next week she is going to hate getting stuck for her CBC and other counts.

While we were there we were able to catch up with Chloe who's BMT was just 3 days before Amelia's. We also got to catch up with Lisa, Sam's mom. Sam is undergoing his 2nd transplant. We are praying that this is the trick that Sammy needs!

Ty had his iron infusion on Friday, this time it is taking longer to kick in. He will go back to the doctor on Friday to see if he can be released to go back to work. Tomorrow we will be going to the cardiologist for the Echo. This is the cardiologist that saw Amelia when she was born and for about 3-4 years after. He will do the Echo right there in his office and we will get the results right then and there. I feel very confident that every thing will be fine but I need to be 100% that there are no deformities in there. I know we will probably never know why his heart rate decided to soar that day.

So even though we have a lot going on we have a lot to be thankful for. Among those a few are, God, Family, health and Love! May you all have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!!
Kelly and family

Below are a few pictures from the last few weeks...
Nate in Action!


Amelia and her best friend.....

and one of my favorites....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

When it rains it does more than pour!!

Where to start?? Let's see Amelia first and foremost is doing awesome!! That is some of the greatest news of all. We will be flying back to Minneapolis on Wednesday and seeing Dr Wagner on Thursday and then flying back home on Friday.
This past week has been hectic to say the least, but the week before this week we started it with Marshall needing a CT scan of his head, due to a concussion. Thankfully all was well but he had a serious headache and of course we were in the ER most of the night cause it happened at like 5:30. Then over the weekend we went to Biloxi for my cousins weeding, you will see some pictures below. Ty (dad and my hubby) had been complaining of being tired and short of breath a bit and headaches, at first I just thought OK we are both out of shape and need to get back into shape. Didn't think anymore of it till he went to give blood at the blood mobile on Sunday. They did a finger stick and told him he couldn't give because his counts weren't high enough. So I called on Monday morning to set him up an appointment with our general doctor to have the counts checked. I couldn't get him in until Thursday morning. So we get up and get ready to go Thursday morning and my cell phone rings as we are going out the driveway. It's Nathan's school, I thought this is going to be good cause in the 4 years that Nathan has been in school I have never once gotten a call from the schools or him. So the nurse said I have Nathan, who NEVER visits me here in my office and well he was complaining of his heart hurting so I took his heart rate and it was a little elevated at 135, so I made him sit still for about 10 minutes and we took it again and it was still high at 135.
Can you say freak out?? We rushed to the school and on the way I called the pediatrician's office to see what to do and they said just bring him straight in. Of course by the time we get to him at school he had burped and felt better. But a burp will not make your heart rate go up that high! His normal heart rate range is between 60 and 90! Thankfully the two doctors office were only a few miles away from each other. I dropped off Ty and headed to the pediatricians office. Of course they didn't know what it was or why so they ordered an EKG and a 24 hour halter monitor. Ty of course didn't find any thing out either, they drew some blood and so on. Friday morning the doctor called and said he wanted him off of work for the next 7-10 days cause there is no way he can function adequately. Nate had to go back to the doctor because he was complaining about not being able to back to the doctor we went and he had to get some cream, cause there was some irritation there. As for my hubby we have no idea why his hemoglobin and iron level have dropped so low I think it was like 8 well a normal HGB level for a male is 15, that's what Nathan's was when they took his on Thursday.
We found out that the EKG was normal, they haven't read the monitor. We go back to the pediatrician's on Tuesday. I think though, for my own piece of mind I will be taking him to a cardiologist just to make sure and be absolutely sure that there is nothing wrong. Then Marshall comes home and he is complaining about it hurting when he pees and that he is going frequently. So I'm sure I'll be back at the Dr's with him on Monday. The doctor for Ty is suppose to be setting him up an appointment to get an iron infusion. I am hoping that it will be Tuesday. So he will have some energy while I am gone cause he will have to take care of the other kids while we are gone.
I told them I am not going to make it to my 50th birthday. lol are a few pictures of her from last weekend...
This is Nate and Mimi handing out the programs.
Here is Amelia and her favorite guy in the world! Her Papaw (my dad)

here she is all alone and full of smiles!!

Here is Papaw and 2 of his 4 grand kids...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prayers and small update

I know it's been a while since I have updated. Things have been going fairly well. We went to the doctor on Monday and Amelia's counts were all pretty good. She looks great and is back to her normal pre-transplant self. We all went trick or treating. Amelia, Marshall and I hung back a bit from any crowds. She didn't last long either, she still needs to build up stamina, as far as activity.
On Tuesday Marshall had the first pert of his GED testing, something we didn't think was going to be possible with all the trauma his brain has had. After his test he went back to school for wrestling practice.... Yes I wrote it correctly wrestling!! (no we are not happy with that choice, but he wants to be a part of a team) Well we got a call from the coach about 20 minutes before practice was over. Marshall had a concussion!! So Tuesday found us at the ER waiting to get a CT scan and blood work done on him. Thankfully he was and is fine. We have to see a concussion special doctor before he can return to Wrestling.
Nate was also home on Tuesday as he woke up coughing with a cough that sounded like a seal barking! Went to the doctor with him and it's mainly sinuses, try and keep him away from Amelia, that's what the doctor said...hahaha easier said than done!
Thus far she is not showing any signs of a cold or cough, but what brings me here tonight to ask for prayer request is.....well that pesky bladder problem!!!
She has been off all fluids for like 3 weeks or so now,we haven't seen ANY BLOOD or pink in her urine in well over a month. BUT, she went to the potty tonight and there was a teeny tiny clot with some slight pink blood! So I'm here to ask that you say a prayer for her that this is just a one time tiny thing and that we won't see any more. She us so close to her 6 month check a little less than 2 weeks and we are heading back for them to do another Bone marrow biopsy and take her line out. Please help us pray this bladder problem AWAY!!!
Please and thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers and for checking on us. I have lots of pictures I want to share and hood to get to that this Sunday.
Right now, though I am updating from mu phone and my finger hurts. Again thanks for the prayers, that was so not what she wanted to see!!!

Oh wait I might be able to upload some of the photos I have on my phone.... Let's see....