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Monday, August 23, 2010

Well I guess I haven't done a great job of keeping every one updated. But truthfully there hasn't been much going on. Amelia did great with her bone marrow biopsy. The results were ok there was nothing that stood out.

School started about two weeks ago and all the kids have settled into their daily routines. Nate hates to do his homework, it is a little excessive for a 7 year old but he does fairly well with it. Nate is just lazy and has a lot of play in his head. He is extremely smart and has tons of common sense, but Nate wants to do what he wants to do. Thankfully at school he does what he is told to do and he sits and does his work, but when it comes to homework he is so slow.......

Marshall is doing ROTC and Choir at school and also does choir at church. He has been a busy little bee. So far he is doing pretty good in school. Amelia is also doing choir at her school, so I bring her to school on Monday and Wednesday's for 7:45

We went this morning to get her blood counts done for this month. Her current counts are not the greatest.....
White Cells 3.2
Hemoglobin 8.4 (which is really low, that is why she is so tired all the time)
platelets 21

I'm waiting to hear from Dr W. Her retic count was pretty good, so I am kind of suspecting that something may be going on in there, maybe a virus or something....the retic count shows that her bone marrow is producing, but her counts show that her body is using them up.

In the mean time I am trying to gather my thoughts and put them into a letter. We have to make an appointment with our local sheriff ( my hubby's boss) to see if he can go to the Sheriff's association who our insurance is through to appeal to them to waive her transplant cap, which is $300,000.00. We want them to waive that and let her use her life time maximum. Our biggest problem is that the sheriff's association has a self funded policy. I am getting a whole new education in insurance now. I really don't want all this education into these things like blood work, transplants, insurance and such....on these subjects I wish I had NO need to ever be educated on!!!!

Well it's almost time for the kiddos to come home from school so off I go.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

my new purse....still deciding if I want to keep it.....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last day of Summer

Today is the last day of summer vacation for the kids. Tomorrow is the first day of school...yep kinda shocking that it is on a Monday. I will have an 11th, 5th and 2nd grader. Two out of the three are ready to head back....the lone one just wants to be out side shirtless, shoeless and with some sort of critter to catch. This week will be a hard one for all of my "night owls". Marshall needs to get up at 5:15 and Nate has to get up at 5:45 and Ms Amelia get to sleep in and not get up till 6:45.

So we are off today to enjoy all that the day has to offer, mostly swimming cause it's too dang hot to be out side doing anything else. The heat index is about to kill us here, I hate to see my electric bill this month!!
I will let you know what we get into......