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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths STRAIGHT.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Surgery is the call on the knee...

Ok the picture below is a picture of a torn meniscus...I know I don't see it either..but trust me it is there. But you see mine is not that simple. The one below is just torn, mine unfortunately is torn and flipped up. Which is preventing me from straightening my knee!!! It is always something.
This is a picture of a normal meniscus...still I don't see anything...

These below is also a meniscus with tears in them, which would have been the simple thing and possibly not have to have surgery, but well you know me when I do something I do it right!

Ok so anyway back to my point, I want to get the surgery and get this over with so I can get back to "normal" what ever that may be.
They plan on doing the surgery on Sept 29th as an out patient surgery and I should go home after. He said it typically takes about 6 weeks to heal all the way. He said unless you are a fast healer. Well that is my middle name, I am not a wimp when it comes to pain and healing...I had a c-section with Nathan on a Monday night at 8:30 and was home by Tuesday afternoon! SOoooooo. He also said something about needing physical therapy, but I plan on not needing it! He told me I could still go to the gym just the elliptical and the bike not the recumbent I gotta get use to the regular seat. Oh joy, well its not that bad I have been doing it for 20 minutes a day and so far my hiney is not hurting. He said if I keep going the recovery time should be shorter and I will be going as much as possible before Vegas.
Well that's all I have for now, its time to tuck kiddos in their beds!
Thanks for checking and thanks for keeping my kiddos in your prayers.....
Up next, Friday is the insectarium in NO for Amelia's 4th grade field trip!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Ok here is what I was talking about in the earlier post this is the main where the water comes into the house and it you look on top genius took off the spigot...but if you look further down the green round one is where you turn the water to the house off and on....

My boy thought he was turning on the faucet...well he wasn't!

Stefunk ,This is for you since you say we eat weird food here in the deep south!!
Yummy shrimp...On Sunday we had yummy bbq'd shrimp!!

The ingredients were some Worcestershire sauce, some fresh sweet basil, butter and lots of it, garlic, a little lemon and of course salt and pepper to taste.

and yes I am sorry to say I got so busy with stuff that I forgot to take pictures of the after...sorry.

Well, this is totally a random post of things that are going on in the Boring Bennett Household!

Here is a cake I did recently...

It's suppose to look like a beach....not sure if I accomplished that.

and well here is some more randomness of the morning as I was bringing Nate to the bus stop!
He made me take this picture of what I have no idea...but he is just so damn cute sometimes its hard to resist him!! But I still sometimes want to sell him to the Gypsies!!!

This is what we saw crawling on our back patio this was huge! It's a locus...

Well that's all I got for now. Taking the kids swimming tomorrow one last time before my parents close the pool. I think they are trying to keep it open till we go to Vegas ...which is about 18 days away. I am so nervous excited!! I've never left my kids for this long and this far a way, but I know that they will be in great hands. My brother and his wife will be staying with them here at the house from Wed. night till Friday morning and then my mom and dad will get them from the bus on Friday and take them out to their house till Sunday (9-20) They will bring them home and get them in bed. We should be home around 1 or 2 Monday morning!

Oh and I had my MRI on Tuesday and I go to the doctor on Monday afternoon to find out the results. I'm really praying that I don't need surgery. I have been wearing the brace and it has been feeling better and I have not had to take my pain meds in a good while....If I have to have surgery I have no idea when I will find enough down time to pencil it in!!!! Oh well I'll let ya know after Monday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just some ramblings again....

Sad to say I got nothing!!! Nothing but ramblings, finally found the cord to hook the camera up to the new computer since our "only two years old" printer won't work with windows vista....ugghhh so I can't upload the pictures that way...and I don't want to put any more on my laptop. So hope fully I will have some peace and quite tomorrow as kids will be in school and Ty is working. Loads of free time here...ummm yeah right the laundy seems to be breading in the utility room as I swear I just washed all of the clothes just a day or so back! But my brain is fried as I have dealt with Nathan most of the afternoon...He has appropriately been named Nater, Nater the terminator!! I have chased him off the counter tops about three times, the top of the golf cart twice and some genius decided to take the knob off of the water faucet outside so he (Nate) couldn't turn the water on...well genius forgot that it is the main to where the water for the house comes in at and well needless to say in the middle of filling up the bathtub the water goes off.... I swear, I'm ready to sell him to the gypsies. My mom and dad call him the quiet chaos. I promise he is not BAD just so damn inquisitive!! He is the kid who takes things apart to see how they work. So I am going to bed now and hopefully will have some pictures up by tomorrow and a story. I tell you we are normal boring people here lately and well I kinda like it that way, because I know all too well the other end and I am not ready for it, not just yet. I keep praying we make it through one more school year before we have to go to transplant. I keep trying to prepare my self mentally, but being through it once already I just don't know that you can ever prepare your self for something like that. Your whole world and life is turned upside down. I try to stay as strong as I can for her sake and never let her see me cry, but the truth is that I have cried my self to sleep more times than I care to think, but I am living my life for her with out regrets. Ty and I have said that we will not have any regrets when it comes to Marshall and Amelia. If and when the time comes that they should leave us, we want to know that we did everything possible for them to have the best life that they could have and have no regrets, no, we should have done this or that. It is what it is!
Well I said I had nothing but ramblings tonight as my mind seems to do that a lot lately. I'm just trying to get through one day to the next.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Some results

Doctor just called and they have some preliminary results in from the biopsy done last Thursday. So far there is no change from a year ago when they did the testing!!! Which so far is great new, Still we are waiting on further testing. We are still praying there is no leukemia..I'm just praying for another year or two at home! That sure would be nice, she needs to gain more weight and grow a few more inches.
I am also waiting to hear from Dr. Wagner in Minneapolis, I can't breath easy until I hear from him! He is the Fanconi Specialist and as far as I am concerned the one who save Marshall's life! The doctors here, after his brain hemorrhage, pretty much wrote him off. But Dr. Wagner told us it would be risky but it was well worth the risk as we had no other choice but to sit back and watch his bone marrow continue to fail...and I am so glad that we listened to Dr Wagner!!!
Anyway as I get more in I will update you all. Thanks for your continued prayers, I know that is what is helping us get through all of this...some days I really wonder how I am going to make it through!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

OK so I lied....

OK please forgive me, I know I said I would update...but it has been wild and crazy around here.
Let me just tell you that Amelia's bone marrow biopsy went off with out a single problem. We arrived at the hospital at 8:45 and they took us back to the little waiting area before surgery. Met with the anesthesiologist, met with the child life specialist, met with the Hemoc doctor...and she was off to the OR by 10:30 and they were all done by 11. Dr Ducos came and talked to me about everything and said they would be calling me back to see her. I called dad to inform him that she was done and everything was fine and there were no tears shed by anybody! We were in the van and out the hospital and at Mc Donald's by 12:30...and boy did she eat! She had a double cheeseburger, french fries and 6 chicken nuggets. She did great the only thing she took for pain was a half of an extra strength Tylenol...later I found her at home running and jumping and riding on the golf cart. You just can't this little girl down! She is feisty.
My dad took her home for me and I was off to see the ortho.doc. They took x-rays and all, but the x-rays were fine. So upon examining me he touched on a spot that made me come off the table and he said Aha...possible torn meniscus...He told me the worst case senerio is that I would have to have surgery on the knee...minor surgery with the scope. So its a wait and see game, I have my MRI scheduled for Tuesday at 9 am and then a return appointment on Aug. 31st. I told him about Vegas and he said that if I needed surgery it could wait till after, but if no surgery is needed he would try to get it better before then which I doubt because we leave in about 3 weeks. I am so ready and excited!!

Now we sit and wait for Amelia's results, please pray there are no abnormal cells and that there are no signs of leukemia starting.
Well I am off to a birthday party with some great friends, I made the cake so I'll have to show you those pictures soon too!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

this is just a quick update, to tell you I will do a more official update tomorrow. Its late tonight, my pain meds are kicking in and my son just spilled almost a half of a big bottle of mouthwash all over the bathroom knee hurts worse tonight since he (the doc) was pushing all over I'll see ya tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just a quick update...

Tomorrow is my last day to have all to myself...well for a little while anyway. Thursday Amelia and I will be going back to Ochsners to attempt her bone marrow biopsy again. This time we are going straight to the OR and put her to sleep and get it done. Please say a prayer for her that every thing goes smoothly. My parents are going to meet me over there because if they take too long I have to leave her for my doctor appointment. Which leaving her is going to kill me so please say a prayer that they are finished by 1. I tried to get my ortho appointment on a different day, but the next available is not until another few weeks and I am hurting to bad to wait that long. For me to admit that I am hurting....means I am really hurting because I have a really high tolerance to pain! I mean come on I had a C-section on a Monday night and went home the next day. I really have to be hurting to complain...and well I am hurting and I can't straighten my right leg and it is an inch and half bigger than the left one! Anyway back to my point, please say a prayer that they are finished before 1, so that I can make it back across the lake in time for my appointment, That way I will know that she is out and doing fine.
Amelia will be home Thursday and Friday and return to school on Monday. On Monday the hubby will return to a normal schedule!!! Yay I am so glad...I like him getting home at 4:45 in the afternoon, but I will admit I miss spending days with just him and I with out the kids....but shshshshshsh don't tell him that! Because I'll deny it and just say I am glad to not have to iron uniforms daily!!!
The kids are all doing well in school, Amelia, well she has called me twice so far complaining about different ailments...I am going to look into that, something might be going on at school she is not telling me about, because out of all of them she is the one that NEVER calls or complains about hurting or not feeling well.

I am going to try and enjoy myself tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cakes I've made....

Ok don't laugh..this is one of the first ones that I ever made and tried...

This one is one that I made for Amelia's birthday a few years ago...

This one I made a few months back for my mom and dad's supper club...

This one was for some friends of ours little girls 5th birthday...she wasn't picky and they said have fun with it so I did.

This one was for a little boys 1st birthday...They wanted a pig playing in the dirt...

These were for my great nephews birthday party...the monkey one was for him to tear into..and the jungle cake was for every one else, there is not a lot of stuff on the cake because the cake had to take a ride to Jackson, Ms so his mom put the rest of the stuff on it when they got there....

This is my latest cake...I just did this weekend for a sister of my high school best friend! Here it is in the beginning....

I have a bunch more but it has taken me quite a while to post these...I'll work on getting more up later.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not much!!

Greetings faithful friends and followers...

Not much going on here! Other than I am enjoying a lot of time to myself!! The kids are all loving school, well except my baby. He starts counting the days down till Friday on Monday morning. He is an out doors boy!! I have loved being back at the gym! Never thought I would say that but I feel so much better when I go and sleep 110% better. I have one more full week to my self, well maybe not the whole week. Amelia will go back to Ochsner's for her annual bone marrow biopsy on Thursday the 20th. We are going straight to the OR! They will put gas on her and then start the IV!! So please say a prayer for her that things go smoothly this time. I'm trying not to think about it and think good thoughts. This time of year just makes me so nervous. I am sooooooo not ready to go back to Minneapolis. Not so much Minneapolis, but just not ready to walk that transplant road again. It is such a stressful thing to go hits me in the pit of my stomach. Oh how I would give anything!! I would my self lay down and die so she wouldn't have to go through any of this!! Of course that is not what is meant to be and I am dealing with. I try really hard to prepare myself...but how do you prepare yourself for loosing a child? That's just not the way life is suppose to be. I'm not trying to be negative here...but the fact is, that it IS a big possibility and I don't want to be in denial, I need to be prepared for the worst. i am happy to say that quality of life for her has been great and that is one thing both of our FA doctors have stressed to me....(local dr and Dr Wagner in Mn) I don't want to cry, I am a strong person, stronger than I ever knew possible. I've been through a lot and I've been dealt a lot and I've learned you just keep rolling a long and jump the hurdles...when you stumble you get back up and keep going...keep moving forward. That's all you can do, I've learned to put all my trust in God and he will take care it. I've come to learn that all things happen in His timing and in the ways that He wants them. And its not until you fully let go does He take total control!!

Sorry didn't mean to be so deep tonight, sometimes I sit here and it just sorta spills out and today was a bit of a rough day for me.
Tomorrow will be better..I know it will because I will make sure and not let things get me down!!! Happy thoughts...I'll think about Vegas...4 weeks and counting!! yeah I'll be packing the night before and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. That's me, I'm not normal if the stress level isn't at max.
Well gotta go put the kiddies in bed and head there myself....Sweet dreams........

Monday, August 10, 2009

First day pictures....and things I won't miss....

Amelia on her first day of 4th grade...and a new school at the....Gulp, Jr high, my baby is growing up way too fast!!!

Nathan's First day of 1st grade!!!

These are some of the things I won't miss, yes the child fell asleep like this...don't ask cause I sure don't!!!

This is what he got a hold aids and they were every where but on his body....

Then he discovered electrical tape and these are some of the scenes that I came across....

He didn't want any of these varmints to bite him....

This one I have no explanation for......

Thank God summer vacation is over because, I don't know how much more of this stuff I could take!!!