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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths STRAIGHT.

Monday, May 26, 2014

3 years post BMT!

I'm a day early with this but, who knows what tomorrow brings. (isn't that a song)  Tomorrow will be Amelia's 3 years post transplant. When I look at her it's hard to believe that just 3 short years ago she was fighting for her life. Today she is thriving, she just finished school on Friday as a Jr high student and next year she goes to high school.......GULP.....I'm not ready for that!She is blossoming into a beautiful girl. Health wise she is doing awesome, no problems what so ever and barely even sick this past school year, I couldn't be more please with her progress. We will do all the little check ups with the dermatology, ENT, Eyes and Endocrine, all routine once a year checks. Last year when we arrived home from our Disney trip we got a very special phone call from the U of M letting us know that if we wanted to the 2 year waiting period was up and we could learn all about our donor. Well we were thrilled to be able to find out who the kind hero was! His name is Dennis and he is 26 years old from Germany. We have a small language barrier, but thanks to translation apps on both of our phone we are able to stay in touch! He is and ALWAYS will be our hero, he gave the precious gift of life and just from the little bit that we have been conversing he seems like a really super sweet person! Amelia wishes that she could meet him in person, but well truth be told, not sure if we could ever afford a trip to Germany and he promises that if he ever gets a chance to come to the US we will be where ever it is that he is going to meet him!

As for the rest of the family we are all doing really well. We have had some major changes take place here. My husband (Ty) has been doing great. Last year he had a cyst  in the brain, well come to find out it turned out to be nothing. We were so relieved and grateful.  Last July he had an injury during work where he tore the tendon that holds the bicep down off the bone and was out of work for quite a while with that. He had to have surgery to repair it. He was out on light duty for about 4 months then went back to work full duty. Five days into his full duty he had mandatory training on the motorbikes, the one he hadn't been on in 6 months. Well he had a wreck that again put him out of work. He had tree broken ribs and torn ligaments in the knee. While out we had been talking and trying to find another job. We prayed that God would provide the way and show us what path to take. On March 5th he retired from the Sheriff's dept and he bout a truck and trailer and went into business with a company that his brother is working for. He is so much happier, healthier and very much less stressed, so much that he has lost 30 pounds!

Marshall is doing well also, he has had a few jobs here and there. As far as health goes he is doing well we just had a check up with the head and neck cancer specialist and we are good to go for 6 more months. We will see the dermatologist when Amelia goes. Right now he is in therapy for a frozen shoulder and for stability and balance. Something he will always have to work on.

Nathan is also doing great, getting big. He just finished his last year as an elementary student and now moves on to the Jr high school....I'm still trying to process this... Not sure I am ready for all this growing up that is going on around here.  He did a full year in the band and learned how to play the trumpet, he is looking forward to doing more with it next year as he will have band every day as an elective.

And me...well I have been suffering with foot pain for quite a while now, I am trying everything but surgery as it is a very extensive surgery and would be 8 weeks non weight bearing and then 6 moths of physical therapy. So at all cost I am trying to avoid surgery. Then I have also been suffering with an eye infection in my left eye. The doctor says it is clearing up, but it has left me with very blurry vision in the left eye and at times it feels like I have something slimy in there. I will probably end up needing glasses or one contact to clear up the vision.
There is never a dull moment around here! These three keep me on my toes for sure. Summer has just begun here so we are going to try and enjoy some swimming, thankful my mom and dad have a pool! maybe we will be able to squeeze in a quick trip to the beach! I hope not to be so long with another up date!

Hugs and Blessings!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wow! I can't believe that it has been almost a year since my last update. Well as they say no news is good news. I have a ton to fill you all in on.....if of course there is anyone out there still interested in our journey. I promise to sit and write some hopefully tonight or tomorrow especially with Amelia's 3 year anniversary coming up! I will also try to add some picture..but big changes around here and happiness all around. Here are a few pictures of my beautiful girl! She is growing up so fast! PS she takes a lot of
update coming soon!