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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths STRAIGHT.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer fun....

I'm loving my water proof camera! I can get right in the pool and take pictures of them.

Yeah this is what dad did most ot the day while we were at my parents house swimming!

My baby boy....he's growing up! Can't believe he'll be 7 soon and in 2nd grade!

Love that I can take video of them underwater too!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

This Happens Every Year!!

You see our Mailbox? It's an ordinary mailbox...yeah the name and the address is a bit worn and faded but hey it's been there for almost 15 years or more. Well, this happens every year as the little flap will not stay shut! Take a gander in there, will ya?

Yep you guessed it...there is a huge birds nest in there! Every time I go to get the mail ....she attacks me.

I was going to pull it out and throw it away, but when I used a stick to pull it out as to not put my scent on it......

Good thing,

I saw three little eggs in there.....

So I guess the momma red bird is here to stay for a while........

Monday, May 24, 2010

I've lost.....

It's only the first day of summer vacation and I've already lost control of the living room....

It's gonna be a loooooooong and hot one!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Forgive me....

Forgive me today I am just a little giddy....

It has been quite some time since we had Marshall's CBC (Blood counts)done.

Well today we went to the endocrinologist, everything was excellent and this is what we are blessed with 7 years later after 9and a half moths of pure HELL!!

Here take a closer look:

Doing the happy dance! This is a child who lived on weekly platelet transfusions and at the time of his brain hemorrhage he had a platelet count of 3!! Everything is in the normal range with no little letter along side of them.

I will never forget one of the first times we saw our local hem/oc doctor at Ochsner's. We had just switched from Tulane to there so I was going though his counts and when I got to his platelet count it was 11 and next to it there was a p...well I knew what a L was for, duh, low, and an H was for High, F meant footnote, but a P that was the first time I had seen a p so I asked the doctor what a P was for he said......Panic. Oh!! Well his counts stayed that low for almost 3 years till it was time to go to transplant. Not just the platelets, but when Marshall was diagnosed his Hemoglobin was only about 10 and just continued to drop till we had him put on one point, I remember it well it was the day of his Kindergarten graduation and as soon as it was over we had to load him in the car and take him straight to Ochsner's for his first transfusion of red cells his hemoglobin was about 7...the Doctor said as much energy as he had at a HGB of 7 its a wonder he didn't have a heart attack! Thanking God for the miracle of life today!!!

PS: if this is a little un understandable, I was typing it with three kids running around screaming and wanting this and that......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just an Update.......

greeting friends and followers,
Yeah its been a while since I've updated. Things here have been moving right along. busy time of the year as the school year comes to a close.
Ty had his appointment with the Orthopedic at the beginning of the month and we were happy to hear that he has released him to go back to full duty. Actually this is my first Saturday with out him in 6 months! I kinda liked him home every weekend, now to get use to our "norm" again of him working every other weekend. It was 6 months since the accident on the 6th of May. I'm not excited but I think sometime in the next few weeks he will be assigned a new 2010 motorcycle. I truly feel blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I have been blessed in so many ways!!
Next week is the last week of school for the kids. Marshall only has to go Monday and Tuesday, as he is exempt from the rest of his exams. Amelia and Nate will go through Thursday. Friday is a half a day and I don't think either of them want to go.
Amelia had her counts done on the 8th and they were OK. They are holding the same...her platelets were 26. We faxed her counts to Cincinnati and Dr Davies said they looked good repeat them in a month and we will continue to do that until things change. I think she is so excited for the summer...she convinced my dad to open the pool about 2 weeks earlier than he intended!
We are planning on going to Maine this summer to the FA family meeting at Camp Sunshine...I haven't told the kids yet because we have yet to get our approval letter from Camp Sunshine. I wish they would hurry up, I want to book our flights and the closer it get the more expensive they are going to be! I think we are going to fly into Boston and then drive up the coast to Portland and then over to Casco. It's cheaper to fly into Boston, but then we have to rent a car. Flying into Portland cost a lot more. We have yet decided what we want to do...again I am waiting on Camp to send us our approval so then we can make arrangements. We would like to try to fit in a little bit of seeing the scenery while we are there. The kids are going to have a blast, Amelia is excited because she will be old enough to actually do camp stuff the last time we were there she was only 5 and Nate was barely 3.
I have a feeling that the summer is going to fly by. We also have to schedule a return trip to Cincinnati, for Amelia's annual bone marrow biopsy. We need to do it before school starts and schools starts on August 9th.
Well one of my favorite movies is on so I'm gonna run! The movie is Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Ok he's at it again Not sure if you remember this from last years Mother's day:

Here's what it says:
Mom Fact Sheet
1.What is your mothers name? Kelly
2.How old is she? 26 (That's my boy!!!)
3.What color is her hair? Black
4.What does she do around the house? Clean (if so why is it always a mess...could that be b/c I'm cleaning up after him!!!)
5.What is her favorite drink?
6.What is her favorite thing to eat? Macaroni and cheese (not!!!)
7.What is her favorite TV show?
8.What does she like to cook? hot dogs (maybe because that is all he will eat!)
9.Where does she like to go? Target
10.What is her favorite thing to do? Clean (hmmm, I wonder why?)
Give Mom a special message:
I like you mommy

That's my baby boy for ya!!!

Well he's at it again:

Here's what it says:His answers in Italic

My Mother's name is: Kelly

My Mom is 32 years old.

My Mom's hair color is: Black

My Mom's favorite food is: Salad

My Mom loves to watch TV in her spare time.

If I could get my Mom anything in the world it would be a new shirt
and then it says here is a picture of my mom.

Well, Wow, in just a year I aged by 6 years. (but still nice cause it's no where close to my real age!!)
And well really I must dress like a slob because if he could get me anything in the world it would be a new shirt! Really kid?? A new shirt...I'll remember that when your birthday rolls around in a few months!
And I must be a monster to him.....did you see the picture of on it, it'll enlarge for ya.
Well I still love the little monster very much so....
I'm off to go through my wardrobe now....

Hope everyone has a truly blessed Mother's Day!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He washes and dries but DOES NOT fold......

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Multimedia message

I love my husband but this has got to stop