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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Caps For Kids

OK so most of you have heard of Caps For Kids. Well if you haven't, you can read about it here Caps For Kids. What most of us know is that our kids pay a $1 to wear their favorite hat to school on a designated day, which is true. They also look for kids with terminal illnesses to honor with a signed cap from some one famous. Well Miss Amelia was nominated and chosen to be honored with a cap of her choice. Her first choice was Selena Gomez, but unfortunately they didn't have one by her, but they said they would work on getting her one signed by her. Since this was on a Monday that she chose and she was getting it on Thursday she went with a second choice that they had in stock. Here she is at the school board meeting waiting.

Here are the people from Caps For Kids! Super nice too I might add.

This is her principle presenting her hat to her!

and here is her cap! She watches/watched NCIS a lot with her papaw, especially during transplant and this is her absolute favorite character on the show.......

Pauley Perrette!!
She was super excited about it and has been showing off her hat all over! SHE LOVES IT!!

We had clinic on Monday and everything is still moving in the right direction. Counts are still doing awesome and we have one more week till we are completely off the CSA!! She should finish it up on Jan 26th (her daddy's Birthday). Then in a month after that we will test her immunity counts again and if they are good enough she will go back to school in March for half days.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thanks for the Prayers...

Thanks every one for the prayers! Amelia is doing much better and thankfully it only lasted a day and a half. She did not have to be put in the hospital. We went to the clinic and saw the doctor and if she wasn't doing better by 5 she was going to the hospital. She had a clot that was stuck in the urethra tube that she was able to finally pass it and pee all on her own. Thankfully it passed and we went home that evening drinking a water bottle full of water every hour and half till bed time. Friday we went back for an ultrasound of the bladder and thankfully it was all clear. I am praying that it will stay that way for ever and that this stupid stuff NEVER rears it's ugly head again! Her counts are great, her hemoglobin is 12.7 and platelets are 138 and white cells were in the 4 point something. We will return to clinic on Jan 16th and she only has two weeks left to go on her immune suppressing medicine and then we will check to see how her immune system is doing and if it is better she will return to school for half days in the mornings. I think she is looking forward to doing this!
Again thanks so much for your prayers! She is a very tough cookie and keeps trucking a long!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to the flipping New Year

Prayers, please! We are headed to the hospital with Amelia!! After 3 and half months with no blood, guess what reared it's ugly head again!!! Yep she is having blood in her urine and clots, we are all devastated. Please say a prayer or two for her! No body knows why this is happening! All I can do is beg for prayers!!!