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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sitting on pins and needles......


Sorry for the lack of updates, it has been crazy busy here. Amelia did a finger stick last week to see where her counts were. The good news is that her hemoglobin moved up just a bit to 7.1. Up is up and I will take it. She has been a moody little thing and I understand why, one she doesn't fell good and second of all she is so extremely nervous about what is going to be happening in the next few months or so. I've tried to reassure her there is nothing to worry about, but how can I reassure her when I can't reassure myself.

Today the LSA meets, I have no idea what time, I also have no idea where or if I will even hear anything today. I hate the not knowing. I need to know where we are going because there is so much that I need to get together to get organized and this not knowing has me so up in the air and I feel that my mind is a cluttered mess and I just can't seem to think straight, I now know what it means to be in a fog, cause I really feel like that. Too much going on at one time, too much to take care of!! I like organization and schedules! I'm so unorganized I have no idea of what to even cook.
I also hate sitting here on pins and needles waiting to hear what their decision would be. So many emotions bottled up inside, I wanna scream, I wanna cry and most of all I can't do any of it with Amelia around, I can't and won't let her know that I am feeling this way. She needs to think that I know what I am doing!
Oh her health from she is doing fairly well. The doctor said we could wait till the 16th of Feb to get counts again. Amelia is happy with that decision.
Nathan too has been real clingy, I think he knows that somethings are getting ready to change but has no idea of what or how.

Speaking of Nate, he has his Father/Son cake bake on Monday night for Cub Scouts. The categories were, of course, things having to do with cub scouts, Saints and gross out. Nathan decided to do a gross out cake.... He wanted to do a toilet.... so here are a few pictures of his.....

yes it was a toilet cake with both in there and a bit of toilet paper...needless to say it was pretty gross!!!

And here is the first place winner in the gross out category

He was so proud of his trophy!!
Well I'm off to figure out something to cook....taco's anyone?
As soon as I hear anything on this screwed up mess of insurance I will be sure to post an update.

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